Jeanette Gostomski

Jeanette Gostomski, sculpture artist
SPACE by Jeanette

Jeanette Gostomski has an education in Scenography (Jagiellonian University Cracow) and Architecture (Breslau). For over 20 years she’s worked with installations, both indoors and outdoors, often of a larger scale. Jeanette always starts by getting to know the spaces she is working with to find what’s hidden inbetween. She uses those details to emphasize the site and make us view the art more actively. She has done commissions for citys all throughout Skåne, Region Skåne, large scale business groups and companies as Iittala and SVT. With an own installation, Jeanette represented Södra Sveriges Arkitekter (the Architects of Southern Sweden) in the exhibition Desire at the architectural biennial in Venice 2018. Latest projects include Land Art in Helsingborg, with two works of her own and aesthetic review on three other artists, as well as URBAN WINDOW GALLERY that she initiated and carried out with the support of Malmö Stad. Jeanette does a lot of installations abroad and has had a residency on Iceland, among other places.

Silas Bieri, sound designer
Drafts of Silence

Silas Bieri was born in Biel, Switzerland. He has his base in the studio in-discourse in Malmö, which he runs with choreographer Emma Ribbing. Silas is a sound designer who does work for companies as well as artistic enterprises. He has worked on productions in nearly all the opera houses and museums in Europe but has also worked productions touring underground punk- and hip hop venues. He is also the head sound engineer for The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. Silas has worked with local as well as international artists in all different artforms and genres, like for example Raimund Hoghe, Jenny Wilson and Wu Tang Clan. From an early age he possessed an interest in music and throughout the years he has mastered a large variety of instruments. In the 90’s Silas began working with digital audio and electronic compositions. He has a master’s degree in audio technology from ARTOS in Lausanne, Switzerland and has worked locally as well as internationally with large scale events, music productions and composition for performing arts, film and modern dance for a long time. Silas is also one of the initiators to the project Culturestream Malmö that started in the middle of March 2020 with the goal to build a digital stage for the culture scene of Skåne (southern Sweden) during the corona crisis.

Alexis Rodríguez Cancino, photographer
Drafts of Silence

Alexis Rodríguez Cancino was born in Colombia but is now based in Malmö. Alexis has worked a lot together with Silas Bieri and in-discourse ever since the studio opened, for instance they’ve exhibited works together at Malmö Fotobiennal. Alexis has worked together with in-discourse on audiovisual projects, performing arts and music productions. He has a master’s degree in audiovisual postproduction from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain. He has been active in Malmö since 2014, where he has also worked within the local media sector and art world, mainly with audiovisual production and postproduction. Alexis has worked at studios in Paris with music production for, amongst others, ARTE and before the crisis he often used to travel back to Paris for audiovisual productions in, for instance, churches and theaters. He started and is running the vinyl record label Blundar that releases experimental electronic music and has gained attention in several places around the world.

Jonna Eriksson, producer and communicator
Drafts of Silence

Jonna Eriksson is a cultural producer that works on a wide range with several different artforms. Jonna has an education in Information Science and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen. In her work at the in-discourse studio she is producer for Drafts of Silence and other art projects in collaboration with Silas, Alexis and Emma Ribbing. Since July of 2020 Jonna also works as a freelance producer and curator. As a freelancer she works with film production and advertising as well as communication and graphic design, amongst others. Jonna also is an initiator to and the project manager of the cultural stage Culturestream Malmö. Besides being project manager for Culturestream she is also the projects producer, curator, communicator and show host.