#gallery2408 moves the city into a single hotel room. It is a sculpture installation, a photo gallery and a topographic map full of sound that offers a new and unique way to discover the city of Malmö. The gallery is full of elements that evoke curiosity and lay grounds for new dialogues and reflections. You don’t have to stress your experience, it is just as interesting to scope the surroundings of the room from the comfort of the hotel bed as it is to look for the smallest of details in the different corners of the room.

The installation is built of photographs, sounds and material that represent the city and it’s development from the 20th century until today. For the largest part of the last century Malmö was a city built around industrial manufacturing and commercial trade. The harbor can be seen through the glass wall in room 2408 and is a place most native citizens of Malmö know. Up until 2002, the worlds largest gantry crane Kockumskranen could be seen from far away for anyone approaching the harbor. Kockumskranen has become a symbol for Malmös industrial era and lives on in the hearts of citizens even though it was moved to South Corea.

The turn of the millennia marked the beginning of a new era for the areas around the harbor. By 2001 Västra Hamnen (the west harbor) had been turned into a cluster of houses and apartments built to show the future of architecture. The exhibition Bo01 was held to show the new buildings before the first tenants moved in. From that point forward, all the areas from Västra hamnen to the city center has gone through a major transformation. An important part of this transformation is the expansion of Malmö University. The university was established in 1998 with around 5000 students enrolled. Today 24 000 students are each enrolled in one of the universities 100 programs or 350 courses.

The installation offers new perspectives on Malmös history, but also on the future. Old boat parts from Varvsstaden, parts of that used to be in the gigantic silos outside the window, wires from the elevators in Malmös tallest building Turning Torso and publications from Malmö University fall like rain over the city bringing the past into the here and now. From the bed you can watch photographs that explore the aesthetic values of the area both from outside and inside the areas buildings. Instead of experiencing the city walking it’s streets this installation offers an opportunity to go behind closed doors and widen your perception of what you see outside the window while at the same time being embraced by the sounds and pulse of the city. It’s is a journey through your senses: visual, audible and tactile. And don’t forget to enjoy the watching the light of the room merge with the city by night.

#gallery2408 is an initiative by artist Jeanette Gostomski (SPACE by Jeanette) who in collaboration with sound designer Silas Bieri, photographer Alexis Rodríguez Cancino and cultural producer Jonna Eriksson (Drafts of Silence) have worked on developing a concept specific for room 2408 on the 24th floor of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. The room isn’t larger than any other standard room, but has a ceiling height of five meters and a large glass wall with a view of Turning Torso and the sea between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Materials provided by
Turning Torso | Thyssenkrupp
Varvsstaden | Malmö Universitet
Lantmännen | SPACE by Jeanette
in-discourse | Clarion Hotel Malmö Live